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The Winn Ranch, Lago Vista, Texas

The 514 acre Winn Ranch is the finest Lake Travis waterfront ranch to come on the market in many years.   The land has historically been used for livestock grazing (currently supports a Longhorn herd) and has no significant land improvements.  However, it has not gone untended and the majority of the property has been cleared of cedars and other high water use trees, producing open areas of grassland with native oaks.

The Lake Travis frontage is on the deep main body of the lake and runs about 4,000 feet.  This is in addition to waterfront along the cove of about another 3000 feet.  The whole property is relatively level with no significant topographical features, other than the lake and cove front cliffs. However, it does include a boat ramp usable at almost all lake levels.

The property is bounded on two sides by publicly maintained roads, on one side by private land and on the remaining side by the waters of Lake Travis.  The 514 acre tract is listed for sale at $55 million.

The potential for this property is virtually limitless, with options for creating a one-of-a-kind chateau estate, with or without vineyards which have been and are so very successful in the Lake Travis area. Alternatively sections of the property might be subdivided as high end residential developments

Conveniently located just 49 minutes from downtown Austin; 42 minutes from The Domain shopping center; 57 minutes from ABIA and 27 minutes from the heart of Cedar Park, the Winn Ranch retains an unequaled level of privacy and seclusion - the ultimate retreat.

514.121 Acres - ENTITLEMENTS

A development and concept plan has been agreed between the City of Lago Vista and Lake Travis Group II Limited, the owner of the property.

Mixed-use development project with residential lots, townhomes, multifamily structures, hotel, resort and amenities with support facilities, such as a marina and recreational vehicle and boat storage facilities & structured parking.

Obligations and duties of Developer & City agreed for a period of fifteen years, with the ability to extend for an additional fifteen years.

All 514.121 Acres are annexed into the City limits

The residential area includes maximum of 200 attached townhomes

Property to be zoned PDD (Planned Development District) with base zoning classifications R-1, R-1T and Commercial Resort

“Minor amendments” are permitted with the approval of the City Development Services Director or City Engineer.  “Major Amendments” are subject to review and approval by City Council.

1,350 water & wastewater LUE’s provided by the City of Lago Vista.  Up to 100 LUE’s Year #1, up to 250 LUE’s per year thereafter.

Developer to design & construct all on-site and off-site water and wastewater facilities.

The agreement is assignable by the developer, provided City Council is first notified of such an assignment


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